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Results 2016

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 WA v The Rest


26 January 2016


We had a terrific turn out for our first event of the year with everyone getting into the swing of the occasion with some great costumes and pieces of Australiana.  Prize for the best costume of the day went to Colin Barlow for his outstanding effort!  Jen Bullen kicked off the day with a win on Spider in the Middle which also resulted in a healthy donation for the Royal Flying Doctor Service.  

The event was won by 'The Rest' for the second year in succession with a +3 in their favour over the WA side.  Thanks to our bowls organisers, catering team and Lou with her ever smiling face behind the bar who all made it such an enjoyable day. 







 Thanks to all who attended the successful first season of Corporate Bowls for 2016.  

The season culminated with some extremely close finals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th places with the results as follows:

             1st & 2nd Place

was played off between Try Hards and Plastered

with Try Hards down by 1 on the final change

and coming home to win by 2 shots 


            3rd & 4th Place

was played off between  2 Short of a 6 Pack and The Butcher & His Knife

with 2 Short of a 6 Pack winning by just 1 shot









16 APRIL, 2016



Thanks to all those who attended our Opening Day for the 2016 season.  

Special thanks to our Co-Sponsor, Kim Malone, who extended his best wishes to all members for the coming season prior to putting down the traditional first bowl.  

We are indebted to our sponsor for the day, The Perth Bowls Centre,

who provided the prizes awarded to the winning teams.

1st Place

Jen Bullen, Reg Bullen, Mick Smith and Ivan Davie (Skipper)

2nd Place

Liz Davie, Donna Ainsworth and Eric Johnston (Skipper)

3rd Place

Kim Malone, Trevor Hackett, Faye Zavazal and Red Seaman (Skipper)








ANZAC DAY - 25 APRIL, 2016



The day commenced with the traditional laying of the wreath by Club representatives

Eric Johnston and Mark Malone at the dawn service held at Bedford Park in Broome.  

Thanks to everyone who came along to the Club later in the day

for a game of bowls and dinner.

Congratulations to our rink winners:

1st Place - Trish Barlow, Eric Johnston and Ivan Davie

2nd Place - John Davie and Steve Heddles

3rd Place - John Ainsworth, Leonie, Mike Jones and Adam Beaver

4th Place - Richard Handyside, Izzy Love, Brent Fielding and Red Seaman






6 June, 2016


Thanks to all who attended our WA Day bowling event.  

We had a good turnout and the game was enjoyed by all who played.


We are indebted to our sponsor for the day, The Perth Bowls Centre,


who provided the prizes awarded to the winning team of

Pip Heddles, Mick Smith and Sophia Seaman.








 Thanks to all who attended the successful second season of Corporate Bowls for 2016.  

We had another great final to end the season with 'The Bowled & The Beautiful' skippered by John Ainsworth winning by just one point to 'The Try Hards' skippered by Ivan Davie.



SUNDAY 31 JULY, 2016


 Thanks so much to all who played and contributed to the successful running of our annual Visitors v. Locals game.  Special thanks to our games organiser, Reg Bullen and our two Captains Red Seaman (Locals) and Rob Snowden (Visitors).

This year it was another very close encounter but congratulations must go to the Visitors who now have their name on the trophy for the first time!

It was also an opportunity to thank our day bowls organisers for all the hard work they have put in over the 2016 season.  Ross Lampard, Vice President, thanked Ross & Susanne Webster, Ken & Elaine Meehan, Rob & Shirley Snowden, Ann & Denis Nagle and Pam Manning for their contributions with a special thank you to June & Trevor Beswick who arrived a little later this year but still helped in an advisory capacity.  





Results 2015

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 January 26th


WA vs The Rest


No rain this year.  It was hot, hot hot!!!  

Red Seaman skippered 'The Rest' to a win

over Mark Malone/Bob Bowers' side of 'WA'

with a few borrowed players.




April 7th


Corporate Bowls Season 1


Division 1:

Congratulations to Reg Bullen and three new bowlers to our

Corporate competition from Horizon Power - 'The Power Brokers'

who defeated '2 Short of a Six Pack'

in an entertaining and hard fought final.


Division 2:

Congratulations to Paul Cummins and his team from 'The Butcher & His Knife' 

who cut their way through the competition to take out a win

over the 'Broome Taxis' side.  



April 12th 

Handicap Pairs 



Thanks to all players who embraced this new format which proved to be a great leveller

and created a very close competition that was only decided in the last game.


1st Place          Bruce Chamberlain & Glenda Johnson

2nd Place                                              Reg & Jen Bullen

3rd Place                                     Carl Douglass & Adam


April 27th


ANZAC DAY - Diggers' Day


Thanks to all those who came along to the Club for our ANZAC Day event.  

A pairs competition was played with rink winners being Bruce Chamberlain & Red Seaman,

Reg Bullen & Mike Jones, Mark Malone & Colin Barlow and Ernie Bell & Jen Bullen.

After a spin of the wheel, our prize winners for the day were

Bruce Chamberlain & Red Seaman!





May 23rd


Opening Day


  Thanks to all those who attended our Opening Day this year.  

With an afternoon of bowls followed by an evening meal in the company of sponsors, members and friends, it is fair to say that a great time was had by all who took part. As our seasonal bowlers begin to return to Broome, it was a wonderful opportunity to catch up both on and off the bowling green.


Congratulations to the team of June Beswick, Eric Johnston, Ivan & Liz Davie

who were our winners for the day.



Corporate Bowls - season 2 - June 16th




After another great season that saw all the greens full, the final was played on Tuesday June 16th. Congratulations to all bowlers on a really enjoyable season and to our four top teams who played off in the final for their divisions.


         Division 1:  The Butcher & His Knife defeated The Try Hards in a                       very close game with only 1 shot the difference.

Division 2:  Plasta Bowl had a good win over The Stayers. 



June 20th & 21st 



Broome v Derby Challenge 


A great weekend was had by all who attended the first of our challenges for 2015 which was held in Derby on the weekend of June 20 & 21.    Special thanks to all at the Derby Bowling Club for being such wonderful hosts to the visiting Broome bowlers.

 Derby won 4, Broome won 3 and another 2 were drawn games.

Broome Bowling Club were lucky enough to retain the trophy

with an aggregate of +22 shots.

We all look forwarding to hosting the Derby Bowling Club

when they travel to Broome for a re-match later in the year.



June 28th & 29th 


Club Championships - Mixed Triples


This was a closely contested Round Robin event with all teams playing in the true spirit of the game and to a very high standard. Congratulations to the winning team of


Willa Bell, John Davies and Reg Bullen (skipper)

and to the runners-up 

 Liz Davie, Ross Lampard and Ivan Davie (skipper)



June 18th & 19th

Club Championships - Mixed Pairs


It was fantastic to see our two Junior members pairing for this competition.  

Thanks to all who participated and in particular, Shirley Snowden and Mark Malone

who carried the flag into the final for the senior players in the Club.  


Our youngest ever Mixed Pairs Champions are

Kerri-Ann Zavazal and John Davies




July 30th


Annual Exhibition Match

Roma Dunn & Lee Poletti


Graham Nottle & Richard Passmore


Thanks to Roma, Lee, Graham & Richard for once again providing us with an enthralling match.  This year 'the boys' were winners in a hard fought game with the final result being 21-16.




13 August

Visitors vs Locals Event


Thanks to everyone who came along to fill the rinks and make this into such an enjoyable night.  Rob Snowden captained the Visitors and Red Seaman captained the Locals.

The Locals retained the trophy!

We took advantage of having everyone together to thank the wonderful volunteers who help out with the Day Bowls Program when they come to town each year.  Special thanks were extended to Trevor and June Beswick, Rob and Shirley Snowden, Ross and Suzanne Webster and Peter and Marion Brophy.



22 & 23 August

Men's & Ladies' Club Pairs Championships

Another weekend of friendship and fun with some brilliant bowls thrown in! 


Congratulations to our

Men's Pairs Champions

Red Seaman and John Davies

and to the Runners-Up

Stu Florence and Mark Malone

Congratulations to our

Ladies' Pairs Champions

Shirley Snowden and Jen Bullen

and to the Runners-Up

Margie Florence and Kim Malone


25 August

Corporates Bowls - Season 3

Congratulations to all who participated on another great season.


The final of Division 1 was again played off between The Butcher & His Knife and The Try Hards with The Butcher & His Knife coming up winners on the night.


Division 2 saw two new teams contesting the final with Mad If You Don't (Matso's) winning over The Pearlers (Willie Creek Pearls).




28 August

Pearlers Pirates Final Day


Special thanks to Mo Gower on completing another successful season as the organiser of the legendary Pearlers Pirates event held at the Club each Friday.  Thanks also to Pam Manning for keeping us all in cheese and biscuits and to Shirley Snowden & Sandy Brereton who along with Pam, provide an excellent support crew for Mo.


Congratulations to our Pearlers Pirates Super Stars for 2015 

Suzanne Webster


Jim Escott



September 19th & 20th


Club Championships - Men's Singles


Congratulations to our new Men's Club Champion for 2015

Reg Bullen

Semi-Final: v Scotty Aucote 21-14 

 Final: v Mark Malone 21-17   


The final was a great match played between the two finalists from 2014

but this year, the end result was reversed.




September 19th & 20th



Club Championships - Ladies' Singles


Congratulations to our new Ladies' Club Champion for 2015


Kerri-Ann Zavazal


Semi-Final: v Jen Bullen 21-16 


 Final: v Faye Zavazal 21-14  


The final was a re-match of the 2013 final with mother and daughter

vying off in a tight tussle once again.




September 19th & 20th



Club Championships - Men's Singles (Plate)


Congratulations to Ivan Davie

and Red Seaman who played in the final with

Ivan Davie being the winner on the day



September 28th - 30th



Under 18 National Championships - Canberra


Congratulations to our Broome junior champions, Kerri-Ann Zavazal and John Davies, who are shown below proudly wearing their Northern Territory uniforms at the Under 18 National Championships held in Canberra.




Kerri-Ann Zavazal takes out the silver medal in the Under 18's Girls Pairs with partner, Shae Smith from the Northern Territory 




John Davies and his Northern Territory team mates.  John takes out 4th place in the Under 18 Boys Fours. 










14 November, 2015



Thanks to everyone who participated in the Challenge again this year.  

A fantastic day was had by all with the shoot out at the Pistol Club during the afternoon followed by dinner and a game of bowls at the Bowling Club in the evening.  

In a very close contest, the Pistol Club were the victors and got to take the trophy home to their refurbished Club House this year.  Congratulations to the happy crew who proudly held the trophy aloft for their team photo!

The Pistol Club achieved 68.36% in the shoot out and 31.63% in the bowls.

The Bowling Club achieved 26.26% in the shoot out and 68.36% in the bowls.

The difference in the score was only 5.37% in the Pistol Club's favour.


Highest scoring male Pistol Club member in the bowls  - Lachlan

Highest scoring female Pistol Club member in the bowls - Katie 

Highest scoring male Bowling Club member in the shooting - Brett Bullpitt

Highest scoring female Bowling Club member in the shooting - Jen Bullen




Results 2014

January 26th 

WA vs The Rest


Rain didn't stop play, both teams drew on 14 points but with a count back WA prevailed as the winners!



March 3rd

Labor Day Open Pairs

Winner Tom Fisher R/Up Glenda Thomas


April 19th

Easter Open Fours

Winners: Sandra Young, Faye Zavazal, Kerri-Ann Zavazal, Tom Fisher

R/Up: Craig Jones, Johnny Davies, Sally Veal, Scotty Aucote


June 28th -29th

Club Triples Championship

Winners: Sandra Young, Scotty Aucote, Sally Veal

R/Up: Reg Bullen, Jen Bullen, John Davies


July 19th - 20th 

Club Mixed Pairs Championship

Winners: Pip Heddles, Steve Heddles

R/Up: Reg Bullen, Jen Bullen


July 26th 

The Yard Glass Tournament

Winner: Bill Edwards

R/Up Mark Morrison


August 23rd- 24th

Club Mens & Ladies Pairs Championship

Ladies Winners: Sandy Brereton & Pam Manning

Ladies R/Up: Faye Zavazal & Kerri-Ann Zavazal

Men's Winners: Tom Fisher & John Davies

Men's R/Up: Craig Jones & Scotty Aucote


August 28th

Broome Bowls Club vs The Seasonal Bowlers

Winners: Broome Bowls Club 10 points +28

R/Up: Seasonal Bowlers 6 points -1


Thank you to our sponsors: