Hi everyone. Yes Liz & I are back off our holiday in Europe.

Thanks to the committee and individuals at the club for your messages of condolence following the unexpected death of my father while we were away.

We got the news upon arrival in Switzerland and hasty plans were needed to change return flights.

Thanks too to anyone and everyone for contributions, dedication and hard work in ensuring the smooth ongoing operations of the day to day requirements and activities at the club.


The annual Shinju event has been and gone and by all accounts was once again highly successful. Congratulations to the winning combination of half local and half visitors.

Serious thank you messages go to all who contributed in any way to this event & once again putting the Broome Bowling Club firmly on the map.

Thanks to our many sponsors too without whom the event cannot go ahead. We did actually pull up a little shy of making some money but it was so close it is worth running again in 2017.


I am not even going to attempt to provide a full history of the year ending. Reference to that will be in my President’s Report at the AGM.

The year overall has been most beneficial financially for the club. Our bank accounts have grown once again and final figures should impress everyone & will be made available at the AGM on 27th October at 6.00pm.

The primary aim in accumulating funds is to enable the club to benefit with club facilities and improvements as per our renovations plan. None of which can be achieved alone with club funds and rely heavily on grant approvals.


Despite every best effort we were unsuccessful with our grant application. Good feedback showed the application to be highly competitive. There were just so many others all trying to gain approval that some who had tried previously received recognition ahead of us. This does not mean we cannot try again in the next round.

The next available round opens in 2 weeks and we will be submitting our application again at that time to KDC (Kimberley Development Commission).

Obviously our building plans cannot go ahead without the grants.


The fact we missed out on grants gave the committee the impetus to look at other options. Some very preliminary discussions have been held and will be pursued further prior to the AGM.

This will become an agenda item for the AGM and a collective decision from all attending members will provide a decision for the way forward. Exciting times lay ahead.



Club singles championships will are held over Saturday 24th September and Sunday 2nd October 2016 as per the club calendar.

As with every year we have the presentation night. This year it is on Saturday 29th October. This will commence with a game of bowls in the afternoon, then a meal followed by the presentations.

Pistol Club Day will also take place on a date to be fixed sometime in November and we are in communication with that club.

Derby Broome return match day is yet to be held and a suitable date is being discussed with Derby for that event to be held here in Broome. Remember we travelled to Derby and played there earlier in the year and came away successful. The trophy depends on the aggregate score from matches played in each town.


As always we are now receiving applications for end of year functions from various businesses and clubs. This is always a busy time towards Christmas but a very financially successful period for our club and well worth the effort.


As of the AGM I shall be standing down as President and not seeking any nomination. (Nor will I be coerced into changing my mind like last year). I am in need of a battery recharge. This may take a full set of solar panels, a wind farm or more likely a nuclear power plant. The concept of these newsletters was my way of imparting timely and meaningful information to all club members and to enable all of you to be aware of club activities, plans and happenings. I sincerely hope that it has been successful in that regard and that you found it useful and maybe a little entertaining and informative along the way.

This is my final edition.

I look forward to being a club member and enjoying playing bowls and the friendships within the club & volunteering where necessary for a while.

Thank you to our committee once again this year. Considerable work has been put in and excellent results achieved.  So much goes on behind the scenes that many members would be totally unaware of. Thank you to club members, volunteers, Mike & Liz our property managers, visitors and to all non-members who have assisted in anyway.

I wish the incoming committee every success for the coming year and urge everyone to give serious consideration to becoming a committee member. Without a strong committee there can be no club and this club is going places. Everyone possesses skills that sometimes are not recognised or acknowledged even by the owners but can be of immense value.

Good bowling everyone.

Ivan Davie




We have just completed a 9 week course of bowls training with the year 10 students from Broome Senior High School. It was a mixed bag with some not being interested and treated it as just a “time out of school” and disappeared to kick a footy around at the front of the building. Others, especially 4 boys, showed a high degree of natural ability and enjoyed it very much.

All this extra effort by those assisting with this helps with our applications for grants.



Finally more visitors are arriving and numbers are improving across the board on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday. It has been a much slower start to the season this year but has turned for the better now.


It seems we have secured 16 teams again this year which is fantastic. Sponsorship remains a major issue with previous supporters being completely unable to assist while others have halved their sponsorship. Even taking into account nomination fees we are still short for prizemoney, catering and advertising however we remain hopeful.


We are in receipt of an invoice from the Shire for an $8,000 insurance policy which has to be paid.

All our financial efforts revolve around growing our building fund account for the renovations and this is proving highly beneficial currently.

We arranged a delegation to the shire to negotiate this account and have come to an arrangement where they will invoice us quarterly, interest free, rather than having to pay the full $8,000 in one hit. At least we can get whatever interest is available on our banked money in the interim.



Securing staff for the bar has been a bone of contention all year and remains so. We desperately require anyone with their RSA (Responsible Server of Alcohol) certificate to step up and assist just for a few hours one day a week in the afternoons during midweek day bowling. Please contact Ross Lampard at the club for times and details if you are able to assist in any way.

Louise remains ever vigilant and hard working for us and we thank her sincerely for all her good work.



This continues to grow steadily. We have topped 103 as at 4th July which is pretty good. We remain in front of where we were at this time last year.



A complete review was conducted of dates for the various club championships.

Not big nomination numbers for the pairs but enough for the competition to go ahead. It was incorrectly advertised as being 2 – 4 – 2 when in fact is should be a 2 – 2 – 2 – 2 format over 14 ends. This has been amended on the nomination sheet at the club. Apologies for that and hope it is accepted simply as an error.


As advised some time back Liz & I will be going on our European holiday as of Sunday 17th July and will not return until Sunday 4th September. We wish everyone success in their bowls during club championships and the Shinju Open Fours Tournament.

Good bowling everyone

Ivan Davie 





Tuesday 3rd May saw the first midweek sponsored event with Town Beach Café Nominated Pairs (any combination). This was a great day despite low numbers however it will grow as we started this almost a month earlier than normal. We had 8 teams however one team was forced to withdraw through work impacts and another as a result of hospitalization, neither of which can be avoided. Currently this competition is running with an average of 12 teams.


Young John Davies was admitted to Broome Hospital when his throat started to close over. He was transferred via RFDS to Perth and accompanied by his mum, Sally.

It is good to see him back in the club the following week hale & hearty and none the worse for wear. Good on you John.


Following a couple of requests to consider changing or reviewing dates for the triples, pairs and singles Club Championships later in the year a delegates meeting was conducted at the club on 9th May 2016.

Following consideration in regard to each individual request the calendar was consulted in respect to available dates.

A lot of thought was put into this and no clear beneficial results could be obtained. It was obvious that it would be impossible to satisfy everyone and even harder to be seen to be NOT favouring anyone for any or all events.

It is no easy task selecting dates in the first place. Decisions were made to try different formats i.e. not playing the entire event over two consecutive days but to spread it over two weekends. It may be that some have not considered our older or less able members.  

Two days of solid competition discourages them nominating and if they do, it prevents them from performing to the best of their ability. The decision was made with these players in mind and to encourage their participation and to be all inclusive.

More recently, following issues raised, a further meeting was conducted and dates, formats and so on thrashed out yet again.  

Being the inclusive and consultative club that we are Red Seaman was invited to attend the monthly meeting to put the case for changes. Following this a further meeting was set for Thursday 16th June for the committee to again examine and make decisions. Those dates will be final with the primary aim to attempt to accommodate the majority.
I was in the Fire Brigade for 7 years & I was hopeful of not having to frequently put out spot fires.


Maintenance of our existing synthetic bowling green is paramount in ensuring the club can function. Obviously without it we have no bowling capability….some may allege that some of us have none anyway but that is irrelevant!!

Recently we have found an ever increasing number of thorns and small sharp flint like stones from the car park and surrounding area. This is impacting both on the carpet and the direction & accuracy of delivered bowls.

In order to gain as much longevity from it as possible you are asked to comply with approved bowling shoes only being worn on the playing surface. Your assistance is requested in making sure all players abide by this request.

It is frustrating to see bowlers known to possess approved shoes, wearing anything but, including thongs which get impregnated with small thorns etc.

The original installers of it were in town last week and declared there were several more years of wear left in it if it is maintained as it currently is.


The planned busy bee was held on Saturday 14th May. A massive thank you to the 9 people who turned up and worked so hard for 4 hours or so. The Louis St car park had been a major eyesore for a very long time with much of it unusable. Now, the entire carpark can be used thus providing many more parking bays than previously. The front fence topped with barbed wire has also been restrung.

Again thank you very much to all involved.

This did not stop an attempt to break into the club on the night of Tuesday 24th  May.

Police are investigating.

This is the 4th time in the last 12 months.


Thanks to Denis Ryan, I received an invitation to attend a Broome Tourism Workshop held under the auspices of the group, BROOME FUTURE, of which Denis is a director. This operates in partnership with the BCCI (Broome Chamber of Commerce & Industry).

The workshop was conducted on Monday 16th May and ran from 1pm until 5.45pm. It was a valuable learning experience and set at a much higher level than our club. It involved representatives from Qantas, Virgin and other Broome & Kimberley institutions including the shires of both Broome & Derby.

I was able to access and speak at length with Tim Bray, Director, Regional Planning & Project Delivery of the KDC (Kimberley Development Commission), with whom we have a submission for the first of our grant applications. Nothing specific regarding it was discovered, or expected, as no results are anticipated until July. He was interested in what we were trying to achieve so I hold some hope. His final comment being that our club was not the only applicant. Take from that what you will.



This is a perennial and ongoing issue that consumes so much time. This year Ross Lampard & I are spending a lot of time and effort into trying to secure sponsorship for both midweek bowls and especially for the Shinju event.

This year has been especially difficult given the downturn in tourism and development in this area in which we choose to reside, work & play.

There has been comment from some businesses, mainly associated with the supply of fast food, that those in receipt of a voucher access the shop, claim their prize and leave without any acknowledgement to the store for supporting the club. To further compound this, those attending do not support the store by purchasing any additional items & leave with just their prize. One store advised that from 20 vouchers not one single item was purchased to go with it. It is embarrassing when attending and asking for support again this year.

If you attend a sponsors business PLEASE be sure to let them know you are from the Bowling Club.


MIDWEEK BOWLERS DAILY ROSTER is now on display in the breezeway and at the bar.



Contact has been made by the Dept. of Water as a follow up to our inquiry to renew the “Licence to Take Water” from our bore. Arrangements are in place for a visit by them on 21st June for an inspection and subsequent renewal of that licence. This all hinged on the renewal of the Club lease with the Shire.


The club is very well placed financially with a further improvement having been achieved in the month of May that clearly demonstrates the upward trend for attendance at the club for Friday Barefoot Bowls and Tuesdays Corporate Challenge.

Again thanks are due to the diligence of Jen, Colin & Kim for their efforts.

I am confident members will be well pleased with the end of year finances at the AGM.



A date to remember               OCTOBER 27TH 2016




Our club membership now stands at 93 & growing weekly which is great.


That’s all for another few weeks folks when further news will be made available to all.

Liz & I will be taking off on our holiday from 17th July until 5th September so you may get another Newsletter prior to that.


Good Bowling Everyone.


Ivan Davie






Thank you for the very positive feedback received concerning the last couple of Newsletters & their content. It is always very satisfying knowing that people actually read them and gain some benefit from them.


Eric Johnston advises he & his lovely wife Liz will be departing Broome for locations yet to be established as they continue on their merry way in their caravan. Liz has taken the option to retire & we know Eric, although being retired, has carried so many duties at the club. He will be very much missed in many ways; as a club member, Vice President, Bar Manager, general electrician and man of many trades but most of all as a mate.

He has indicated he is not leaving for good but will be away for extended holidays & return to Broome from time to time as this is their home.

Good luck, farewell, stay safe and we look forward to seeing you back in Broome.


Similarly we thank Scotty Aucote for his contribution on the committee. Scotty has been unable to continue in that role and we thank him too and look forward to seeing his smiling face in & around the club.


Jen Bullen has been involved for some time in the operations of our MYOB system and accounts since Gary left. Colin Barlow, Kim Malone and others have all contributed greatly to the ongoing smooth running of our financial obligations. Jen has seen fit to accept an invitation back on the committee as a co-opted member given her ongoing involvement. The break away from the committee was necessary but it appears her batteries are recharged and her determination for complete involvement has won the day. Thanks Jen


Ross Lampard has return after his stint away in the south of the State. Welcome back. Grab that yoke and shackle up mate. There’s work to be done. With the imminent departure of Eric Johnston, Ross has agreed to take on the role of Bar Manager which is an essential component of the club and integral in keeping so many members happy. Please show your appreciation when next you see him as this is a most important position.

Not quite slave labour.


A Volunteer list has been added to the members’ notices in the breezeway at the club. We are asking for people to add their name to the list for Food Preparation, BBQ Cooks, Bar Staff and those to assist in running particular days i.e. Corporate Challenge & Friday Scroungers.

This list of days will grow as the season progresses. Just by helping sometimes would assist greatly. Full on commitment is not asked for just a hand here & there.



Among items discussed were:

Shinju Tournament sponsorship; Shinju budget; Shinju advertising; Shire of Broome Ad Hoc Grant applications; Dept. of Sport & Rec Grants; Issuing business advertising sponsorship for signage invoices.


The Broome Bowling Club has agreed to a request from the school seeking an alternative sports program. This will occur at the club each Wednesday from 9am to 10.15am for the next 9 weeks.

This is in line with our grant applications for diversification & use of the club facilities.


Initial inquiries have indicated that all businesses in Broome are experiencing a downturn in trade and that sponsorship is even more difficult to obtain. This will make it very difficult for the Shinju Open Fours Tournament and also for the Daytime Bowlers. This is one reason costs have increased for nominations in the Shinju Open event this year.

The increase is regrettable and has been kept to an absolute minimum. No club could simply accept this and run the tournament at a loss. More info on this will be made available soon.


The club is moving along very nicely currently with 57 members which is well ahead of this time last year.

Financially we are in a healthy position and will remain so even after the use of money in the term deposit if/when renovations commence subject to grant approvals.

The committee is being very financially responsible with money being put away in accounts for contingency purposes and ongoing requirements.


Have you noticed that since the long entanglement with the Shire of Broome over the lease has ended we now have less to report and hence a shorter edition. Great Huh?


Anyone and everyone able to attend the club and prepare it for the coming season is asked to be there from 8.00am Saturday 14th May 2016.

We have a bit to do around gardens & also the car park area on Louis St & at the front of the property. Please bring along any tools, pruning devices, brooms, shovels, rakes  gloves, wheelbarrows & implements you think may be handy including trailer/s for garden waste. (Should only need one).

Cold water is available at the club.

Morning tea and some bar drinks at the end and snacks will be provided to workers.


I can’t think of anything more to enlighten your knowledge base so let’s call it quits for now.

See you at the Busy Bee & until next month;

Good bowling,

Ivan Davie 







$10.00 entry fee with nomination on sheet at the club includes light tea after game/s

Yes this is a full month earlier than normal. We are off to a flyer & have been planning a full year for 2016 so don’t miss out.



What a month it has been since the last Newsletter.

Denis Ryan and I have spent an estimated 100 hours between us working up submissions, meeting with various agencies including Dept. Sport & Rec, Kimberley Development Commission, Regional Development Australia, Ken Baston MLC, Melissa Price MP & the Shire of Broome.

Letters of support have been obtained for inclusion in our submissions.

Our first application was to the Kimberley Development Commission with access to Royalties for Regions and requesting a total of $300,000.

The next will be to Dept. of Sport & Recreation for a further $200,000 when their Round 4 grants opens.

An additional submission to Regional Development Australia (Federal) is being prepared.

We have shown the time frame to accomplish everything as being 3years to 2019. This particularly applies to the RDA application.

I guess in reality the application can be the best ever but it remains to be seen what the flavour of the month is as to whether or not we win a grant. The KDC results should be known in July according to their website.

All we can do is wait.




Once results are known and we have secured grant funding detailed plans can be drawn up. These will be posted on the public notice board at the club for the information of members. There is nothing untoward planned so don’t panic. Your club money is being well invested. Remember we espouse transparency, accountability & good governance.

For those who may not know renovations are planned for the alfresco seating shaded area, male & female toilets, the bar, chiller extension, John Dillon bar area conversion to a function, trophy and committee room, renovated kitchen and an approved accommodation for the caretaker (who for grant application purposes is the Premises Manager).

Subject to approvals of all grants we plan to redevelop “B Green” and have included the recovering of “A Green” and an upgrade to all lights and to include proper shade areas surrounding the entire playing areas. This final development of the greens is phase 3 and due for a planned completion by 2019. We have to achieve phases 1 & 2 first.!!!!

BIG PLANS we know but we are trying to be progressive and to provide the best possible quality club for all members.





$10.00 entry fee on sheet at the club includes a light tea after game/s


Last year the club ran a trial on the composition of teams. Many spoke out against it and in fact most teams retained their format of 2 men + 2 ladies. This format has been reinstated for this year having listened to those participating. Majority Rules right!

Some discussion remains regarding the number of teams that will be accepted. It was an overwhelming request at the end of last year’s tournament that there be a maximum of 16 teams, thus avoiding “BYES”. This is the most favourable format accepted by the majority.

Discussion also revolved around the cost factor. No club can afford to run events at a loss. I think everyone would accept this. As a result entry fees look like being increased but will remain reasonable given that it includes the Thursday night sponsors night, 3 days of competition on the Friday-Saturday & Sunday & lunch time meals daily along with morning teas & a competition shirt.

On that note, previously shirts have been sponsored by “BROOME OPEN FOR BUSINESS” involving one of our co-patrons, Graham Glasson who has been so generous for so long. This year requests have been received for shirts to include a pocket for score cards & pens. This would add to any costs also & if the shirts are sponsored may limit numbers and cause additional costs to the club. Inquiries are continuing.

There is no guarantee at this time that shirt sponsorship will occur this year. In fact, with the business situation in Broome currently, sponsorship of any kind is going to be extremely tough to get.

All these things have to be weighed up and built into the budget. Please bear with us.


Reg Bullen underwent corrective surgery in Perth for some form of nerve damage in the neck/shoulder spinal area. This did not quite go according to plan and further unwanted developments occurred requiring him to remain in hospital considerably longer than was intended.

He has returned to Broome but in a somewhat incapacitated condition. We hope that all can and will be corrected and that he shall return to his normal self very soon. Get well Reg.


This club is most fortunate with the number of willing volunteers who turn up week after week for the mundane chores, shopping, BBQ chef & providing labour for clean ups, maintenance & painting jobs etc.

With the imminent tourist season bearing down on us, numbers at the club will start to rise. In addition we have tournaments and championships to organise and of course obtain sponsors.

As of the AGM in November 2015 we never achieved the full complement of committee members. We still have 3 positions that now need filling rather urgently given the increasing duties that need to be undertaken.

Now comes the grumping aspect…….. We have an excellent and progressive club. For it to remain that way we need those who are willing to actually participate in the club not simply turn up week after week expecting bowling events to simply occur. Someone has to put out the mats & jacks, assist with bar duties, be prepared to have a go once a month on the BBQ, take a turn once a month to cut up the necessary salads, onions & tomatoes and of course organise the actual events on the day. Just one day a month would be so helpful & appreciated by those who currently carry that load week after week.

The most important of all the above is to have people step up and want to be a part of the management committee. We have all the events to organise and we have the grant and redevelopment renovations to manage. The last is well under control but very time consuming so any help with the rest of it is much needed.

PLEASE THINK ABOUT IT AND GET INVOLVED. I urge everyone to have a chat to a committee member. If we can achieve the committee numbers we need, the workload can be shared more evenly.

The nicest thing about the future is that it always starts tomorrow.     


At our monthly meeting held on 4th April discussion ensured regarding smoking in the general seating area. We have had so many requests to make this a smoke free area and as a result of discussion committee has favoured the idea to make the front of the building (The entry side) a smoking area and the seating area a non-smoking area.

RATIONALE: To make one end smoking and the other not would inhibit players on rinks furthest from the designated smoking area and allow smoke to waft through the non- smoking area.

We now ask for comment from club members on this before making a final decision at our next meeting 2nd May 2016.

This may also afford an avenue for access to sponsorship for Shinju through Healthway WA. This has yet to be discussed or pursued.

That’s it for now. I hope you have plenty to think about and get involved with.

Good bowling


Ivan Davie





Finally, and greatly relieved, I am able to report that the lease has been signed!! The shire contacted the club advising the lease was back from the solicitors and was ready for signing. This was completed on Monday 15th February 2016. At least we at the Bowling Club have completed our bit. The shire CEO has also signed and as at the time of writing, 8th March 2016, we STILL await advice that the shire President has signed. It has a specific section permitting a live on-site caretaker but specifies also that must be in an approved accommodation.

As readers will recall considerable discussion has been undertaken between the shire and the club over a very protracted period. We can now safely say we have a secure tenancy for the life of the lease for 21years. This provides us with the security to continue with the renovations to the clubhouse area and to undertake capital development in the form of the caretaker’s residence. We have 12 months in which to complete the residence.


Now the lease has been finalised we are able to apply to the Dept. For Water to renew our “Licence to Take Water” from our own on-site bore which they would not renew previously due to the lack of a current lease. We will again be able to legally take water, not that we would ever dream of doing so without such a licence, right?


Your committee has been very busy making inquiries, conducting meetings concerning plans, processes and negotiating with builders.

Thank you to our sponsors: